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jessica in the dark

Jessica was alone for the night when the power went out in her dorm building. Usually Catherine was there, but tonight she had a party to attend for work off-campus. Normally Jessica would see the soft glow of her roommate’s laptop and that would help her calm down in situations like this one. But tonight, Catherine was gone and so was the charger to Jessica’s laptop. It was typical luck for the blonde. She was afraid of the dark when it stormed, which it was, hard. The rain was coming down by the bucketful and smacking against the windowpane. In a blanket cocoon, Jessica shook and closed her eyes tight. She tried to focus on one thing and one thing only; her voice. She started to sing softly under her breath. As the song progressed, her volume increased as did her confidence. Soon enough, she emerged from her cocoon and started to walk about the room. Her hips began to sway and her feet started to hit the floor in sync with the beat playing in her head. Before she knew it, Jessica was dancing.


Dear Nicholas

I remember perfectly the night we fell in love.

I can’t place when I started to drift astray. You never noticed me slipping away.You were losing me. I was losing myself. I didn’t realize it until I was too far gone.

I couldn’t recover. I couldn’t heal the wounds. I couldn’t convince myself I was still in love.

I wasn’t.

You still are. 

After all this time, my antique love is still fresh in your mind. Yet you treat me like a stranger.

You complain to my best friend how I never talk to you. Yet you treat me like a stranger.

You say I never smile at you. Yet you treat me like a stranger.

You say I hate you. Yet you treat me like a stranger.

You say we belong together. Yet you treat me like a stranger.

If you really feel like this, why don’t you talk to me? Smile at me? Tell me how you feel?

I apoligized for my actions recently, and you threw it away.

It was long overdue, but you shouldn’t throw aside such a sincere apology. I said I was sorry for treating you like someone I despised. I said I was sorry for ignoring you. I said I was sorry for hurting you.I said I was sorry for me.

I’m glad you’re gone and out of my life. I don’t deserve to be treated like that. Neither do you.  

I was rustling …

I was rustling through the local paper. Where is it? I hear soft foot steps behind me. A smile creeps across my tired face. I feel his hand on my shoulder as he kisses the top of my head, “What’s the news today?” 

“Nothing out of the ordinary. Just articles about the local school food drive, information about the upcoming fair, etc.” I looked up from my paper to find him sitting across from me. His hand was in a gentle fist supporting his perfectly chiseled chin. The pink lips on his porcelain face are slanted upwards on one side, making a playful smirk. Those curious jade eyes were looking straight into my dull, brown eyes. I returned his smirk with a weak, measly smile. I quickly returned to reading the paper.

I have something to tell him. I’ve been pondering about it for a few months now. I have wanted to bring it up with him for a while now, but I cannot find the right time to ask. Actually…I’m just a chicken. There have been plenty of perfect opportunities. It’s time to establish an ultimatum. I have to tell him today. 

I continue skimming the pages of the black and white paper. “So. What are your plans today?” I ask not raising my eyes from the print.

“Nothing. Probably just staying home. Might rend a movie or two. What about you?”

I shrug, “I have nothing to do today either.”

“Why don’t we stay here all day in our pajamas and watch movies?” he proposes.

I grin with my head still down. I quickly wipe the goofy grin off of my face and look up with a gentle smile, “Sounds great.” I look back down and my eyes find what I was looking for all along right away. My article! Smiling, I look at the small article named “Dear Abbey.” I asked the stranger a question concerning what I’ve been thinking about for months now. I peer up from my article before I begin reading to find him still smiling at me. 

“Found your article, huh?”

“Yep. Starting to read it now,” I smile at him then return to the article. I start studying the reply to my letter…”…if you’re ready…think…breathe…speak.” 

Hours later, he and I are lying on couch together with our fingers intertwined. The movie that’s playing we’ve both seen too many times to count. This is that perfect opportunity.



 “I think you’re my soul mate.” 




The Run

Here I am.

There I am.

I am everywhere.

And still I cannot lose them.

I know it was wrong of me to kill that guard. I know I was committing a crime. I thought I was fast enough. I thought I could outrun my fate. And here I am, nearly ten feet from death. I saved that woman’s life and for that, I will be murdered.

What happened to our world? Our land? Rome? As a young lad, I loved to sit and listen to the tales of the old days. When men could walk the streets without being frightened of never returning home.  Who made the Borgia in charge? Who told them they could control us? We outnumber them, but we cannot overthrow their power. Why must we suffer?





I must focus on what is at hand. I must find a way to escape.


No! The cliff! I had forgotten about the cliff! How could I be so naive? I cannot turn around now.

I must fight.

They have guns, crossbows, swords, horses, and…I have nothing. How can I win with these odds?

What is that…? Over there. Even a few guards have strayed their eyes to this figure. It is getting closer…closer…and closer.

Is it…?

Could it be…?

Are the rumors true…?

It is. It is him! Oh, happy days! I am saved! Thank the Lord!

The guards are now dead and I am once again a free man! My savior, he approaches. His words…they are so strong.

I struggle to reply to his request, “Join you…? And take the Borgia down…once and for all…?” The man nods at my words.

“You will teach me the ways of fighting? And I will become your apprentice?” My savior nods once more.

“I am in.”

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