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jessica in the dark

Jessica was alone for the night when the power went out in her dorm building. Usually Catherine was there, but tonight she had a party to attend for work off-campus. Normally Jessica would see the soft glow of her roommate’s laptop and that would help her calm down in situations like this one. But tonight, Catherine was gone and so was the charger to Jessica’s laptop. It was typical luck for the blonde. She was afraid of the dark when it stormed, which it was, hard. The rain was coming down by the bucketful and smacking against the windowpane. In a blanket cocoon, Jessica shook and closed her eyes tight. She tried to focus on one thing and one thing only; her voice. She started to sing softly under her breath. As the song progressed, her volume increased as did her confidence. Soon enough, she emerged from her cocoon and started to walk about the room. Her hips began to sway and her feet started to hit the floor in sync with the beat playing in her head. Before she knew it, Jessica was dancing.


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