Just a few stories. Enjoy!


“Tour is over!” our drummer, Jesper, cries out. Yes! Finally! We’re all back home in good ol’ Fargo. I smile over at Jesper as he kisses the dirty ground. We’ve been on tour pretty much all year. We’ve been home about three times in the last 10 months. I start getting out my guitar from the back of our van while everyone slowly starts piling out. We’re all exhausted and really just want to rest. Our lead singer, Bronte, steps out of the van and hurries over to me.

“I’m really glad we’re home now! Aren’t you?”

“Of course. I just want to get my guitar and amp and go home.” She smiles at me as she leans in front of me to reach her bag. I step back, a little annoyed, as she continues to block my way as she grabs her mic stand. I sigh heavily.

“Mia! Come here,” the manager yells out. His name is Todd. He’s a pretty fun guy.

“Yeah?” I ask as we walk away from the others. He has his hands in his pockets. That means it’s something serious.

“You remember that one band my friend Mike had you meet?”

I think for a quick second before replying, “Meg & Dia? Yeah, I remember. They’re really cool.” I giggle softly at the memory.

“They’re the reason I decided to manage you guys. You remind me of them. But,” he sighs, “your skills are far from them.” How rude!

“Well, yeah, Todd. They’re in their twenties and have been doing this forever. Their skills are way beyond us.”

“Read this. Dia wrote this when she was only your age.” He hands me a small stack of papers covered in lyrics. I begin to quickly skim the words. This is…brilliant! The vocabulary, the sentence structure, the rhyming. Everything.

“Todd, this is fantastic!”

He chuckles, “I know. This is what I want from you. Don’t take offence, but your writing skills are nowhere near this. Your vocabulary is poor. You hardly ever throw in rhymes. Your sentences are simple and weak. You may not like what I’m about to say, but…you have to go to college.”

My eyes shoot up. College?! “College, Todd? College is your answer? I dropped out of public school before. I was home-schooled. Why? Because I don’t fit in. I don’t learn well in a surrounding I don’t feel comfortable in. College is not the answer. College is the opposite of the answer, Todd! I can’t even afford it!” I look at him and his expression remains neutral. His hands are still casually tucked away in his pockets.

“College is the answer, Mia. You need to improve your writing skills. For the sake of the band. You don’t have to stay in long. No need for a degree of any kind. I already prepared an application and a class selection sheet for you. All I need is your signature. I’ll take care of the cost. It’ll be quick and painless, I assure you. Please do this Mia.” I take a deep breath and sigh loudly. Should I do this? I hate public school. College will be Hell. But, he’s right. My writings do suck. I need to do this. For the band.

“…you won’t tell the band I’m doing this? I don’t want them to know.”

“Of course.”

“…I’ll do it. For the band.”


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