Just a few stories. Enjoy!

The Party

We arrive at the party.

“Adam! Where have ya been?”

“Hey Chris, we got stuck in traffic. This is Zoey,” I say to my friend.

Zoey smiles and says, “It’s nice to meet you Chris.”

Chris checks Zoey out, like the ass he is, and snickers,”Hey babe.”

“Chris, don’t you have to be a retard somewhere else?” I ask him.

“Oh yeah! Stacy…err…Stephanie…or…whatever!” He exclaims as he turns and walks away.

I turn to Zoey and laugh, “Sorry about that.”

She grins at me giggling, “It’s cool.”

“Do you want a drink? He usually has beer, wine, champagne, and Mountain Dew.”

“Mountain Dew would be nice. I don’t feel like having any alcohol tonight.”

“Ok, sounds good to me too. I’ll be right back,” I say as I walk to the kitchen. I find Chris hitting on a few girls by the stove. I walk over to him.

“Chris, where’s the Mountain Dew?”

“MD? We’re all out, Broski. Hey, are you and that hot chick a thing?”

“No we’re not together. I just met her yesterday, actually.” Chris looks a little tipsy. He’s not going to remember anything I tell him tonight. He turns back to the girls and they are gone.

“Babes? Where are ya?” he walks out of the room. I roll my eyes and return to Zoey.

“We’re out of Mountain Dew. We have Pepsi though.”

“Pepsi’s fine,” she grins at me. I turn to the kitchen and she follows me. I open the fridge and hand her a can.

“Do you want it in a cup or just as it is?”

“This is fine,” she says.

“Ok, cool. I want you to meet my other friend, who isn’t a jerk, who’s name is Jeremy. He has to be around here somewhere.” I look out into the living room and I see him there, sitting on the couch with a cup in his left hand and a model under his right arm. “There he is.”

I walk up to Jeremy, “Hey Jeremy.”

“Ohai, Adam. What’s up?”

“Not much. This is Zoey.”

She smiles at Jeremy and his “friend”, “Hello.”

“Hey, it’s nice to meet you,” he says to Zoey. He turns to me and asks, “Are you on a date with her?”

Zoey and I both awwardly say, “No. We’re just friends.” Damn you, Jeremy.

Jeremy laughs, “It’s cool, both of you didn’t need to answer. Well, enjoy the party,” he tells us as he takes a drink.

Zoey and I walk away.

“He’s drunk,” I say to her.

“It’s fine,” she replies. We both take a sip of our pop.

“I don’t know any of these people,” I state as I search the room for familiar faces.

“I only know you.” I keep looking around. I turn my head and our eyes lock. I wish this moment could last forever. The seconds drag and it feels like we are staring for minutes.. She blushes and looks down at her shiny, black flats. I also look away and smile.

“This music is terrible!” Zoey exclaims. It really is. It’s rap, and not the good stuff.

“Yeah. Chris uses his iPod for the music. He hooks it up in his bedroom. Maybe we can download some songs from iTunes to play. Follow me.” I start towards the bedroom.

We reach the door. I turn to Zoey and I say, “Wait here for a second,” then I go in. Nobody is inside so I wave Zoey in. I search the room for his docked iPod. I walk over to his iPod and I go to iTunes.

“What do you want to listen to? He only has rap on here so we’ll just have to buy some songs.”

“Hmm…can I see it really fast? I want to look for a few songs.” I hand the iPod over to her and she starts typing. I start moving around in the darkness to try to find the light switch. I never come into Chris’s room. Usually, he has girls in here. Look back over at Zoey. Her face is lit up by the dim light from the hall. She’s concentrating. I can’t help but smile when I see her expression, and the song, change.

“How much credit does this guy have anyways?” Zoey asks.

“He’s loaded. Buy whatever you like.” She nods and keeps searching around. I hear odd noises from the bathroom. Classy, people. Real classy.

I finally find the light switch and the lights pop on. Shutting the door, I explain “I don’t want Chris to notice his light is on. I’m shutting the door.” She doesn’t say anything but she puts the iPod down.

“There are now 20 songs downloading,” she laughs, “I hope he doesn’t mind.”

“I’m sure he’ll be fine with it.”

There’s a knock on the door and I hear Chris’s slurred words through the door. “Damn door! Locks by itself. Come on, Babe. Let’s just go to the guest bedroom.” I hear those monstorous feet stomping away from the door.

Zoey looks around the room. It’s very organized and clean. Chris tells his maid to keep this room extra nice, to impress women of course. I’m ashamed to be his friend sometimes.

Taking a seat on the bed, Zoey sighs and says “What time is it?” Is she tired? Does she want to go home? Am I not entertaining her?

“It’s 9:49.”



Ten minutes pass and Zoey pops up and strolls over to the iPod. She smiles and starts scrolling through music to create a playlist. “I’m throwing in some rap so the partiers don’t notice that there is actually good music.”

I chuckle and lie down on the bed. The sheets are changed ever few days and Chris has been away for business for a couple days, so I believe it’s safe.

Trying to make small talk, I ask, “Do you have any roomates?”

“Yes. Actually, I pay rent to my friend. I am living with her.”

“Cool,” I say while rolling onto my stomach to feel the soft silk against my face. “I wish I had a roomate. I live alone.”

“It’s nice to have someone there, but you and the other person often get into fights and arguements. It’s a pain, really. I’d rather live alone.” I look up at her she she’s standing with her back to me. I still can’t believe how beauiful she is.

She turns around and exclaims, “The playlist is finished! Want to go get something to drink?” I nod at her and quickly stand up.

We walk to the kitchen and I hear a man yell, “Chris! CHRIS! This music sucks, man! I’m out!” I laugh.  Zoey opens the fridge and starts searching for a non-alcoholic beverage. She pulls out two Mountain Dews.

“Where’d you find them!?” I ask bewildered.

“Right in the front, Silly! Someone must have rearranged the contents of the fridge,” she says as she hands me an ice cold Dew. I open it and take a big sip. She does the same.

A slow song comes on over the speakers. I stand there with Zoey awkwardly for twenty seconds before I ask her if she wants to dance. She smiles at me and sets her pop on the counter.

We begin dancing and she looks really tired. I wonder when she normally goes to bed. She smiles and sighs a little as she rests the side of her head on my shoulder. Her eyes search the crowd. All I can think of is how amazing her hair smells. It has a strawberry scent.

She lifts her head up as the song nears it’s end. “I forgot to put the playlist on shuffle. There are about three more slow-ish songs next.”

“Okay. Are you tired at all?”

“No. I’m just resting. Long day,” she giggles. I smile.

“Is this Meg & Dia?”

She looks at me smiling and answers yes. “I’ve been wanting to listen to this song all day.”

“What is it called?”

“It’s called ‘Only For Love’ and it’s on their newest album. I wish they had the time and money to tour again. I never saw them live.”

“Maybe some day they will. And you’ll get a seat in the front row!”

“I wish!” she laughed in my ear after laying her head on my shoulder again, this time facing me with her eyes closed. “You smell like vanilla.”

I chuckle, “Thanks…I think?”

She laughs at my response, “I love the scent of vanilla.” A grin creeps across my face.

We dance the night away together.


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