Just a few stories. Enjoy!

Awkward Car Ride

It’s finally time! I’m so excited!

I turn the key in the ignition and I hear that soft roar of the engine. I automatically feel epic. I just love this car so much. Deep breath. Mmmm…vanilla. Perfect.

I head out of the parking garage into the packed street. Great, the traffic is really bad. Typical. I should call Zoey and tell her that I’ll be late.

*ring ring ring*


“Hey Zoey, it’s Adam.”

“Oh hey. What’s up?”

“Not much at all. The traffic here is really backed up. I’m going to be late.”

“Well, that’s fine. No one can control NYC traffic,” she giggles.

I smile and laugh, “You’ve got that right! I’ll let you go finish getting ready. I’ll call you with a traffic update later.”

“Oh, alright. See you soon, hopefully!”

“Bye,” I say right before I hang up. My palms are all sweaty and clammy. What’s wrong with me? I’m never like this. I sniff my shirt. Man! I smell bad now too. What is it about this one girl that turns me into a sweaty, clammy, shy mess?

Traffic is finally moving! Yes! Now I see the problem of the traffic buildup. This town is full of rubbernecks. They all stop or slow down so they can turn their heads and see what I going on off the road. It’s just a man in a chicken suit, people! My God. I have a party to get to! Maybe this way will be shorter. I take a left instead of going straight. Yeah, this seems better. I check my GPS and it says “Impossible, make a U-Turn.” Impossible my ass.

I’m getting closer to her apartment. Time to call her back.

*ring ring*


“Hey Zoey. I’m about 10 minutes away.”

“Ok, thanks. I can’t wait!”

“Yeah, me either. I’ll see you in ten.”

“Ok, bye.”

I hope she is actually excited. I hope she wants to go to this thing. I don’t want her to go just because I asked her to…

I pull up in front of her apartment and I get out. I’m walking up to the front door and she comes out. I hold the door for her.

“Hello there!” I smile.

“Hi,” she giggles. She’s wearing a little black dress. Classic and yet it has something different about it. Probably just because it’s on her perfect body.

“Ready to go?” I ask.

“Yes, let’s rock.”

I hold the door open for her as she gets in the car.

“This is really nice! When did you get it?”

“Umm…about eight months or so ago. My father was a huge fan of Corvettes and I always have been too. There’s just something about them that I love.”

“They are pretty sweet!” she smiles as she searches the dashboard for the radio.

I point to the preset radio buttons and the volume dial.

She giggles, “Thanks.”

I pull out and we start towards Chris’s place.

“My friend’s name is Chris Timbell. He may come across as a jerk, but he’s pretty cool when you get to know him. He’s pretty cocky, though. He gloats about everything. So I apologize in advance for his attitude.”

She smiles at me, “It’s ok, I’m sure I’ll be able to handle him.”

“So…are you from New York?” I ask.

“Umm, no. I was born in Michigan. We moved out here when I was 7. We lived on Long Island. When I was old enough, I moved out here to the city.”

“Michigan, huh? I’ve heard the lakes out there are beautiful. I’ve lived in New York all of my life. I was out in Buffalo, New York when I was a kid. I moved out to the city so I could go to college here. It was tough, but I made it.”

“That’s good,” she says as she reaches for the radio. All of the programed stations are relatively similar. She picked a station that is playing “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj.

“I love this song, it’s just really catchy.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” I reply.

“Does Chris know that we will be late? It’s almost eight.”

“It’s not a big deal. He’s probably wasted already, even though it hasn’t started. He’s a drinker. Once, he let a hobo with 2 cats in her coat come in to the party. He found her on the couch the next morning. The cats had scratched it up beyond repair.”

“That must have been a terrible thing to wake up to!” she laughs.

“I thought it was hilarious!” I laugh, “He wasn’t too happy though.”

“I bet not!” she giggles.

“So what kind of music do you like?” I ask.

“Pretty much anything. I’m not a big fan of country, though. I have recently gotten into a band called Meg & Dia. Have you ever heard of them?”

I tihnk for a moment before I speak, “Actually, I think I have. I haven’t heard really anything by them, though.”

“Meg Frampton, the woman who made my Chandler necklace, is the Meg. Her sister is Dia Frampton. They play music with their 2 friends and Meg’s boyfriend. They are really good!”

“I’ve only heard “I Need You In It”, or something like that, by them. I really liked it. It’s a pleasant change from the stuff you hear on the radio.”

“Yes! Hearing auto-tune all the time really gets to you.”

I flipped around the radio to find a good song.

As I was just about to change the station for the 5th time, Zoey says, “Wait!

Her sudden volume startled me, “What?”

She takes a few seconds to respond, “Nevermind,” she smiles, “I thought it was something else.”

“Oh, ok.” I keep searching for something to listen to. “I give up,” I chuckle. Zoey smiles at me.

“Where does Chris live anyway?”

“He lives right by the Rockfeller Center! We go and skate all the time during the Winter.”

“Whoa! That’s so awesome!”

“Yeah. You would think that I would be a good skater since we go a lot every year, but you would be wrong.” She laughs. Her right leg is crossed over her left. She has toned legs. She must play sports or maybe she works out.

“Do you play any sports?”

“Yes, I have played soccer since I was young and I recently have started playing tennis. I thought tennis was lame when I was younger, but I was totally wrong. I don’t know much about the sport, though. What about you?”

“I also play soccer. I’ve tried football, swimming, track, and hockey. Only soccer has stuck.”

“I’ve always wanted to see a hockey game. I have never been able to attend one.”

“Maybe we could go see one sometime.”

“Yeah, that would be nice,” she smiles at me and I smile back.

I pull into the parking garage one block from Chris’s apartment. I find a spot on the third floor.

“Well, we have to walk one block.”

“That’s fine,” she says. I get out and go around to her side of the car. I open the door and help her get out.

“I’m not used to wearing a dress, so thanks,” she giggles and blushes.

“It’s no problem. You look fantastic, by the way.”

She just blushes and we start on our way towards Chris’s party.


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