Just a few stories. Enjoy!


I pull up to the coffee shop for the second time in my life. I couldn’t be happier. I see Zoey through the front window.I park and walk in.

“Sorry, no iced coffees today.” The woman behind the counter says.

“That’s fine,” I smile, “I’ll just have a water, please.”

“Coming right up!” As I stand at the counter, I look around the room. There’s Zoey.

“$1.50 please.” I hand the woman the money and walk towards Zoey. I’m looking past her so she doesn’t think I’m weird or anything.

“Adam…right?” Zoey looks up at me as I walk by. I turn around and look at her.

“Yeah. Hey Zoey. How are you today?”

“Good. Have a seat!” she smiles up at me.

“Ok thanks,” I say as I sit across from her. “So…where do you work? What do you do?”

“I work as a personal assistant at Herman INC. It’s about a fifteen minute drive North of here. How about you?”

“I work at Steam Industries. I’m an accounting manager.”

“Sounds tough.”

“Yours too,” I laugh. “What are you drinking?”

“A caramel mocha. It’s really good!” She grins at me. Man, this girl smiles a lot! I hope I don’t look dumb drinking water here. I mean, it is a coffee shop.

“I felt like having a water today. I had some coffee at work.”

“That’s cool. Water is refreshing,” she says. I look around nervously. I notice an odd looking charm on her necklace.

“What is on your necklace? I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

She smiles at me while she takes her necklace off. “It’s called Chandler 3.P.O. He’s a little robot. Meg Frampton makes them and sells them on her blog. She makes them by hand and they’re pretty sweet.”

“Oh? That’s pretty cool, actually. Does she have other robots?”

“Of course! Her website is chandlertherbot.blogspot.com. You should check it out sometime.”

“I think I will,” I grin at her as she puts the necklace back on. I sit there quietly, acting like I’m reading something on the wall behind her. I’m really staring at her. She’s gorgeous. And there’s something different about her…I can’t place it, but she’s different than everyone else. It’s…intoxicating.

She looks at her watch, “It’s almost 12:45. Don’t you have to go to work soon?”

I smile, “On Fridays I can leave after 12:00. Sometimes I go back to the office, but today I don’t have to. What about you? When do you have to go back to work?”

“Umm…uhh…2:00,” she says looking uncomfortable.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, not at all. I just forgot about an appointment I had to set up for my boss. He’ll be upset with me.” She looks down at her feet.

“I’m sorry, I hope it all works out well.”

“Thanks…” she says without any emotion. Hmm…I have a feeling that there is something more to this situation. Oh well, I just met her yesterday so I guess I can’t help too much.I really want to make her feel better…

“When do you get off work today?”

“Probably 4.”

“Would you want to go to a party tonight? My buddy is hosting it at his penthouse and we’re inviting a ton of people. It would be awesome if you could come.”

“Maybe…what time does it start?”

“Around 8:00. If you have something else to do, it’s okay.”

“No, I’m free tonight,” she smiles up at me for the first time in five minutes. “I don’t know where your friend lives or anything like that.”

“I could pick you up. Where do you live? And I’ll need your phone number.” I’m so smooth.

“I live in Brooklyn. At the Avalon Fort Apartments. It’s 472 Jason Street. Apartment 581. My phone number is 493-7947. What’s your number?”

“637-5792. I live in Manhattan actually. I can pick you up about 7:00, is that ok? It gives us enough time to get to my buddy’s place.”

“Yeah, that’s perfect.,” she grins up at me. “Do I need to wear anything special? Like a dress, or just casual wear?”

“Umm…I’ not really sure. I’m wearing something in the middle of casual and business. It’s going to be fun no matter what.”

“Ok, well I better go so I can confront my boss about the scheduling problem,” she giggles.

I can’t help but smile when I hear that adorable laugh. “Ok, sounds good. I don’t want you to get in trouble or anything.” She gets up out of her chair and goes and throws away her empty cup. I can’t stop smiling about tonight. It’s going to rock!

She returns to the table, “Well, I guess I’ll see you tonight then?”

“Yup, 7:00. Be ready,” I chuckle. She smiles back, laughing a little.

“I’ll be ready, don’t worry. Good bye.”

“Bye,” I say as I watch her leave the little shop. I smile after her until she’s out of sight.

Tonight will be amazing.


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