Just a few stories. Enjoy!

Lunch Break





Finally, it’s lunch time. I quickly put away the papers I was “finishing up” and put my pens in my desk. I stand up and grab by laptop. I start walking down the hall and I smile at my co-workers as we pass. I reach the elevator and I hit the lobby button. The elevator stops at every floor and more people pack into the little room.




We hurry out of the elevator into the lobby. I head for the parking garage as I fumble with my keys. The automatic doors open as I walk through them and reach my jet black Corvette, my pride and joy. As I sit behind the wheel, I take a deep breath. The air smells like leather with a hint of vanilla.

As I leave the parking garage, I suddenly remember a little coffee shop that I heard about. It’s only a few blocks away. I might as well try it, maybe it’s a good place.

When I arrive at the coffee shop, I study the sign by the front door. It reads, “Buy one iced coffee, get the second free! Today only!” Now I’m thinking Sweet! Today’s my lucky day! I open the door and my ears are ambushed by the sweet melody of indie music. It’s a very nice change from the techno crap on the radio. As I walk up to the counter, I hear the lyrics “…I need you in it…” and I smile. I wonder who this band is? Maybe the coffee lady will know.

“Two iced coffees, please.”

“Coming right up,” the woman says with a grin. She quickly makes them and hands them to me.

“That will be $2.10.” I hand her the cash.

“Do you know what this song is called, Miss?”

“Well, of course I do! This is ”I Need You In It.’ ‘I believe it’s by Meg & Dia.” The woman’s smile is contagious, so a goofy grin pops up on my face as I nod at her and turn around. I search the room, with that silly grin, and I find an open chair across the room. I set my coffees down and then I pull out my laptop and turn it on. I sit and let out a long sigh.

Then she walks in. I hear the little “ding” of the door. I turn to look, as everyone does, and I find myself starstruck. Who is this beautiful creature? I must find out her name. So I stand up, with both coffees in hand, and I walk over to her.

“Excuse me, Miss?” She turns her head and looks at me.

“Were you wanting an iced coffee…? I have two and I won’t be drinking them both.” She smiles at me.

“Actually, I was! Funny, huh?” She giggles, which causes me to smile. I hand her the coffee.

“Thanks!” She says. I nod and walk back to my table. That was…scary. I login on my laptop and I take my first sip of the coffee. YUCK! This is disgusting! I look up from my laptop and I see the woman coming towards me. What do I say? What do I do?

“May I join you, Sir?”

“Of course.” I say as I get up and push her chair in for her.

“Why, thank you.” She smiles up at me, “This coffee is amazing!” She takes a sip.

“This may sound like a crummy pick up line, but this is the first time I’ve been here. Do you come here a lot?”

“Everyday! Everything is delicious!” She giggles. I grin.

I look up at her, “What’s your name?”

“Zoey. What about you? Do you have a name?” She looks at me.

“Adam.” This is such an awkward silence. I take a sip of my gross coffee.

“Do you like it?”


“The coffee.”

“Oh, yeah it’s very good,” I smile. It’s not good at all, but I don’t want to offend her. I look down at my laptop and see that I have an email. It’s from the office. It reads, “Meeting today at 1:00. Be there.” I look down at the time, and it’s 12:45! Crap!

“I have to go back to work. I guess I’ll see you around then, Zoey.” I stand up with my things and stick out my hand. She grabs it and we shake hands.

“It was nice to meet you,” we both say.

I rush out the door to my corvette and off to work I go. I’m coming back tomorrow. I hope I see Zoey again.


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2 thoughts on “Lunch Break

  1. do you have a name? lol 😀
    nice brooke 😀

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