Just a few stories. Enjoy!

The Run

Here I am.

There I am.

I am everywhere.

And still I cannot lose them.

I know it was wrong of me to kill that guard. I know I was committing a crime. I thought I was fast enough. I thought I could outrun my fate. And here I am, nearly ten feet from death. I saved that woman’s life and for that, I will be murdered.

What happened to our world? Our land? Rome? As a young lad, I loved to sit and listen to the tales of the old days. When men could walk the streets without being frightened of never returning home.  Who made the Borgia in charge? Who told them they could control us? We outnumber them, but we cannot overthrow their power. Why must we suffer?





I must focus on what is at hand. I must find a way to escape.


No! The cliff! I had forgotten about the cliff! How could I be so naive? I cannot turn around now.

I must fight.

They have guns, crossbows, swords, horses, and…I have nothing. How can I win with these odds?

What is that…? Over there. Even a few guards have strayed their eyes to this figure. It is getting closer…closer…and closer.

Is it…?

Could it be…?

Are the rumors true…?

It is. It is him! Oh, happy days! I am saved! Thank the Lord!

The guards are now dead and I am once again a free man! My savior, he approaches. His words…they are so strong.

I struggle to reply to his request, “Join you…? And take the Borgia down…once and for all…?” The man nods at my words.

“You will teach me the ways of fighting? And I will become your apprentice?” My savior nods once more.

“I am in.”

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